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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Cruising Again!

 Outside the plane the baggage people were busily loading suitcases into the belly of the plane. I sat back and let out a deep breath. We would soon be on our way. The passage through checking our baggage and TSA precheck had gone smoothly. It was beginning to feel like old times. We hadn't traveled by air since way before the pandemic had started.

Bob had used our travel miles to book our flight and upgrade our first half of the flight to first class. That was where things began to be a little different. The seats were nice and comfy as usual but when it came time for meal service (breakfast) we realized first class wasn't what it used to be. There was no tray with silverware and napkins. Our choice was a breakfast sandwich on a croissant or an "everything" baguette with a veggie cream cheese filling. Since we were the last to be asked there were only one of each left. Bob got the croissant and I got the "everything." Our meals came on a little plastic dish and were wrapped in cellophane. Coffee was in Styrofoam cups. Except for the nice seats, we could have been in coach.

Undaunted, we happily took a selfie and announced to FaceBook world that we were on our way. 

As the plane climbed, I looked below at the beautiful fall colors. We were leaving behind what promised to be probably the last warm week of fall but we were on our way to the ship that would offer sunny days and warm breezes in the Bahamas. Tears moistened my eyes. We were traveling again and soon would be cruising. 

I settled in with my ebook but took a look outside every so often. The skies were unusually clear for a good part of our flight. Once when I looked down, I could see the Blue Mountains that we pass through each year on our way to Florida. 

Then as we neared Fort Lauderdale, I could see the coast line and the ocean dotted with white surf. Again my eyes filled. This was really happening. We were going to cruise.

 And just as exciting was the special "Uber" driver who would soon meet us upon landing.

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