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Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Sunset On The Gulf

One of the evenings we spent visiting with our kids on the Gulf Coast of Florida we drove out to the Boca Grande beach. To get there, you have to cross a toll bridge, $6 per car. As Bob would say, the toll cuts down on the riff-raff. 

The island is not as busy as Manasota Key and there are beautiful homes (some very large) and condos everywhere. A little town we passed through had shoppes and restaurants and did not look nearly as chaotic as we'd seen in Manasota.

We followed our daughter in law's car to the beach. (The grandkids are too big now to squeeze eight of us in an SUV that seats six.) She and the kids had already explored all the nearby beaches and they really liked this one especially for the shells and sharks teeth.

The sand is very fine on the beach, sort of a grayish white. It kind of reminded me of dry cement and it readily stuck to our shoes and feet. While we waited for the sunset, the kids explored the beach and picked out nice looking shells. Excitement climbed when they discovered some shark teeth.

Soon the time came for the sun to rest for the day, at least in our part of the world. The sunset did not disappoint. Rarely does a sunset in Florida disappoint. 

Restaurants on the island are a bit pricey so we drove back past the lighthouse and across the bridge to a place our son knew of where we could afford to feed all of us a little better. 

A few rousing rounds of UNO at their house and we headed for our hotel. That in itself was quite an experience. 

We couldn't find any reasonably priced Hampton Inns (tis the tourist season) and we settled for America's Best Value Inn. It may have been the best value but... All I can say is it appeared clean but the phone sat on the shelf above the clothes rack, unattached, where the smoke detector should have been was a scared hole with something stuffed in it. Add to that a missing plug in the bathtub/shower that exposed a green moldy drain and the fact that the roof needed repairs from the hurricane accounted for the workmen who showed up at 6 in the morning. Like I said, the beds and floor and the rest of the bathroom looked clean. 

Next trip Bob has decided he doesn't car what the Hampton costs. *smile*

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