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Saturday, January 06, 2024

Exploring Biltmore--Part Three

 Take a look at the view! Is it any wonder that George Vanderbilt chose this spot for his beautiful mansion.

As we continued through the halls, we stopped and listened at each spot that contained a number for us to listen to commentary on our audio guides.

Probably our favorite room was the library. It was featured prominently in A Biltmore Christmas Hallmark movie. As a matter of fact, there was a small sign that said the library was arranged just as it was in the movie. Sure enough, on the large reading table sat the hourglass that was the catalyst for the story. 

The Vanderbilts not only were conservationists of the land and collectors of art treasures, they also collected volumes of books. The shelves are ceiling to floor and hold about 10,000 of the over 24,000 that they owned. 

The ceiling painting is actually 13 different canvases that make up a painting called "The Chariot of Aurora" by Giovanni Pelligrini and dates back to the 1720s. It originally graced a ceiling in the Pisani Palace in Venice.

George Vanderbilt's room was done in reds and dark woods. A hat sat on a holder on the dark wood vanity that was his. Mrs. Vanderbilt's room was rich in golden colors that filled the room with a warm glow. Heavy brocade furniture, bedspread and drapery added to the richness of the surroundings that included chairs and a lounger as well as a gilded mirrored vanity. This was not the room where she gave birth to their only child, Cornelia.

Cornelia was born in 1900 and in those days, a woman was usually confined for a long time before and after delivery. Edith chose a room with a large window that had a nice view. The room, even though quite large, had a cozy feel to it and the cradle was a sweet reminder of the child born in the room. 

Each room was decorated for Christmas and every one we saw had a Christmas tree in it. There were 67 Christmas trees in all with the largest being the one in the banquet hall that was 35 feet tall and sported 500 lights, 500 ornaments and 500 individually wrapped presents under it. Glad I don't have to put all those decorations away.

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