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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Ohio and Florida Votes

We have a connection between Ohio and Florida. We live in Ohio and our son lives in Florida. This year it's our turn to slow the election results. Although, as I write this, it looks as though Ohio will go for Bush even if the provisional ballots are considered.

Am I the only one amazed at how many hours some people stood in line to vote? I hope that sends the message to other countries that we still value our right to vote and our democratic process. Although in the background, I can hear those little computers lining up to say "here we are use us." Can voting from home be far off?

It's a little scary to think of our voting process being entirely computerized when there are still so many ways a system can be corrupted. Imagine us arguing over missing bytes instead of hanging chads. Provisional ballot challenges would be replaced by controversy over multiple password registrations. Maybe we should just go back to raising a hand and counting...but then you have to trust the counter and make sure no one raises both hands.

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