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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Wish Upon a Star

We just returned from a three night cruise on Disney Wonder. Our niece is one of the performers and we wanted to see her at work.

As I watched the shows (quality productions), I realized what a great message Walt Disney always sent to children. Follow your dreams. You're important no matter what your size or stature. You can overcome problems even if they seem bigger than life. Be creative. Use your imagination. Have fun. Good triumphs in the end. Don't overlook the little things (it all started with a mouse).

Those are the things my generation grew up on. The Mickey Mouse Club was always on TV right before dinner--helped keep the kids out of mom's hair for a while. I can still sing the song although I don't think I carry the tune any better.

In an age of electronics where every toy needs a battery and a child can sit and be entertained, I hope we have not lost the simple tools of imagination and creativity that make our world a place where dreams can come true.

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