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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Take Me Away! (5)

(This story is fiction--VERY loosely based on reality.)

Inside the stately white mansion, the walls sparkled with prisms of light. Beautiful mahogany steps curved upward to the balcony hugging the huge chandelier that resembled a shower of crystal raindrops. To our left was a large room, crowded and noisy with people. As we entered a woman’s voice called, “James, there you are.”

A tall woman in a black silk dress, diamond brooch and sparkling earrings, approached us. She had the beauty of one who has aged gracefully and has always known how to make the best of what nature dealt to her.

“Where have you been keeping this lovely lady?” she chastised James. “We have all been waiting to meet her.”

As she led us to the closest group of people, James leaned over and said, “Oh yes, by the way, today you are a writer with a bestseller about to hit the market. Can you pull it off?”

“Of course,” I said wondering where all my panache was coming from. I smiled and braced myself for the first introduction.

Sometime during the party, James disappeared. I was enjoying the attention so much, I had not noticed his absence. But now, I scanned the room for him as I listened to the Duke tell about his ancestral background which he felt would be a wonderful topic for my next book.

Had James left me? How would I get home?

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