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Monday, September 26, 2005

Take Me Away! (7)

(This story is fiction--very loosely based on reality.)

“James?” I was so relaxed and sleepy, I could barely speak. “What was it you took from the mansion? You said you would tell me.”

“This, my love,” he said opening the picnic basket to display an elegant lunch complete with a little bouquet of flowers. He waved his hand across it. “All for you.”

I felt so special, but I was so tired. How could I even begin to eat all those lovely little sandwiches and cookies.

James began to play with a fuzzy weed he plucked from the grass. He traced it around my face. I closed my eyes. As the weed touched my nose, I felt a sneeze wanting to surface.

My wet hand grabbed my mouth.

Wet hand?

I opened my eyes.

“Meow.” Oscar swished his tail across my face one more time bringing me back from my fantasy world. I sighed deeply as the last vestige of James faded with my return to reality.

But, after all, without reality where would my fantasies take me?

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