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Monday, April 17, 2006

...And Babies Were Three

Scratching and chirping continued over our heads in the dining room long after our intruder was carted off by the animal warden. With the help of our son, Bob removed the speaker in the ceiling of the room and began to pull down the insulation. It wasn't long before he pulled the first baby from the warmth and comfort of its nest. Two more followed.

Instead of the usual chicks and ducks, we were graced with three baby raccoons for Easter.

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Tracy J said...

I can't even imagine what scene would have been painted had I witnessed your raccoon encounter at my house! I can just envision my dad getting red in the face the minute he pulled out 3 babies from the attic. Did you call the warden and have her come back to take the babies away? Grandpa Robbins would have loved this story!

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