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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Gas Prices--Shorter Drive Thru Lines?

This noon I stopped at Wendy's to get my son some lunch. I was going to use the drive thru. When I saw that it was wrapped around the building, I decided to go inside instead. We were through the line and back in our car before the last car made it up to the ordering box.

Now, I'm no expert on how much gas is wasted on an idling car but as the pennies, dimes, and quarters keep getting added to the price, doesn't it seem ridiculous that people would be waiting 15 minutes in a drive thru line?

As we passed McDonald's on the way home, I glanced at their drive thru line--around the building just like Wendy's.

What's it like in your neighborhood? Maybe we should do a study on drive thrus and the waste of energy sources. I'm sure the government would have some kind of grant available for that--probably even at a drive thru window.


Anonymous said...

I live in Los Angeles and today I went to a place called In n Out, a very popular burger chain out here. I almost always park and go inside to order because I think about gasoline waste. Right now gas is between 3.50 and 4 dollars a gallon and when I pulled into the lot I counted no less than 30 cars in line, many of them trucks and SUVs. In n Out makes most stuff to order, so it takes a bit longer than other fast food places. I just could not believe folks don't think about this while waiting 20 minutes or more in a drive thru.

The topper was that there was no line when I went in to order; I almost felt compelled to say something to those in the drive thru.

I wanted to do some research about average fuel spent while in a drive thru or in idle and compose an email to send to all my friends.

If you know of any sources (I'm just starting this search today, I'd love for you to share.


Julie, Los Angeles, CA

Wandering Writer said...

Julie, I have not done any research but it would be interesting to find out. I wonder if there's a way to calculate that if you can find info on how much a car uses in idle and how long a driver usually spends in a line. Maybe check car manufacturers and perhaps the fast food sites who might give an average time in line as a way to advertise. You'd probably have to add a little to it. Good luck.

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