"" Writer's Wanderings: Cavtat and Dubrovnik, Croatia

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cavtat and Dubrovnik, Croatia

In Croatia, we visited a resort area near Dubrovnik called Cavtat. Since the season is over, the place was only crowded with cruisers from the ship. We enjoyed a nice stroll around and found the church of St. Nicholas. It was pointed out that he was the patron saint of Croatian sailors as well as being recognized as the patron saint of children.

After the morning cappucino at a little sidewalk cafe, we boarded the bus again and went back to Dubrovnik for a taste of pastry and a small cup of orange juice accompanied by a culturat program of dancing. The dancers were a volunteer group that is quite famous apparently. They have been invited to go on tour in the States. The costumes were beautiful. Some of the skirts were heavily embroidered in gold thread and it was said that their clothing was authentic from the skin out.

Afterwards we walked down the main street of the walled old city we had seen from our drive to Cavtat. Take a look at our guide holding #21. Doesn't she look like a character from a James Bond movie?

And how about this couple? We're still smiling after 40 years of marriage and two weeks together on a cruise ship. Will it last?

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