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Monday, October 20, 2008

On to Santorini, Greece

Probably the most beautiful port we stopped in out of the three we visited in Greece was Santorini. Here the tenders deposited us on at the base of a steep hill with three options for getting to the little town at the top. First was the option of walking. The trek may not have been impossible but it certainly was made less desirable by the second option--donkeys.

For a few Euros you could ride a donkey up the winding steep slope. Surprisingly this was a popular mode of transportation for many. I imagine the going up wasn't nearly as scary as the coming down however as we saw donkeys slide a bit every so often. There was no one following behind with a pooper-scooper so you can imagine the path. . .
The last option seemed best to us. The funicular. We took that to the top and were one of the first to explore the little town as the shops began to open. A large part of Santorinin is just little alleyways with beautiful white washed buildings with colorful bougenvilla draping the walls.

This was a port for a relaxing (but strenuous at times) walk. After exploring, we stopped for a cappucino at a restaurant overlooking the water. A beautiful picturesque place right out of the pages of any travel brochure. The pictures could never do it justice.

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