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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Books for the Road - The Lucky One

Nicholas Sparks never fails to deliver a wonderful romance when I'm wanting to escape into something light and easy. The Lucky One again fulfilled that need. It is a story of a soldier who finds a picture of a pretty young woman in the sand in Iraq and after failing to find its owner, he keeps it in his pocket. After surviving several bombings, his friend convinces him that it is his lucky charm and he needs to find the young woman and thank her.

Logan Thibault never intends to fall in love with the woman in the picture, but as luck would have it, he does just that when he meets her. This tends to complicate her life as she is attracted to Logan as well.
A bit reminescent of Message in a Bottle, this is truly a "feel good" story and will not disappoint Sparks' fans.

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