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Monday, November 15, 2010

Man Overboard -- Almost

I have a friend who refuses to go on a cruise because she's afraid of falling overboard. Certainly there have been enough stories of people lost overboard on cruises. While one or two might involve foul play and a few I suspect suicide, most are from carelessness and usually caused from over indulging in alcohol.

In the picture you can see that the rails on the open decks are chest-high, enough to keep someone from falling overboard--at least if they keep their feet on the deck. The gentleman in the picture kept stepping up on the light box to lean over the side and look at the pilot boat that was picking up the pilot to our ship as we headed out of port. Thankfully the sea was calm and he wasn't inebriated.

And I wonder, if he had fallen overboard, would he or his family have sued the cruise company for the design of the ship that allowed for the light box to be there for him to step on? It's a crazy world.

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