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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Books For The Road - A Warmth in Winter

On our last Caribbean adventure, I frequented the book exchage shelf in the lobby of our resort a few times. In addition to a memoir set in Ireland, I also discovered A Warmth in Winter by Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt. Not until I was settled in and cozy and beginning to read did I realize I was into my second book of the week with an angel theme. Since the wind was howling and the rain beating on the sand where I should have been enjoying the sun, I shrugged and continued on. I'm glad I did.

A Warmth in Winter was a delightful book with characters who immediately tugged at your heartstrings. The story centers around Vernie Bidderman, owner of Mooseleuk Mercantile and Salt Gribbon, the lighthouse operator, who despite the vast differences in their struggles are being taught about the ultimate failure and frustration of self-reliance. The two of them live in a small town in Maine called Heavenly Daze (should have been a clue to the angel involvement). Within the town are several angels who live and work there among the townspeople and help to watch over and care for them.

When Salt Gribbons removes his grandchildren from his neglectful alcoholic son and brings them to Heavenly Daze, he tries to keep it a secret for fear they will be taken from him by social services. Eventually, he learns that he can't always do everything on his own. A human "angel" as well as the heavenly type help him out of trouble.

There are five books in the Heavenly Daze series. This was book three. I would be tempted to read more. This book was fun as well as having a great story to tell and the characters were so well developed, that I'd like to go back and catch up on where they've been and what they went on to do.

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