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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Do You Kindle?

I've never been much of a tech toy enthusiast. If there's a need, I fill it if I can but otherwise I'm not one for just-gotta-have-the-newest-tech-toy. I do love my e-reader though. I have a Sony PRS 505. Not the newest model on the block but it's like a well-loved book and beginning to show some age.

With that in mind, I'm keeping an eye on what's new. Barnes and Noble have a reader to add to the growing list and there are several off-brands I've heard of. I'm sure Kindle tops them all in sales so far. When I wanted a copy of The Hiding Place to read in a hurry, I couldn't find one at the library and Sony's e-bookstore didn't have what I wanted so I turned to the Kindle store. I cannot download books from Amazon's Kindle store to the Sony (at least I haven't found a way) but they offered a free download of a Kindle for PC program. It worked out beautifully!

The Kindle for PC program was easier to read on the computer than I expected. The format was great and easy to use. It was a great solution and in addition, I found that there are quite a few free books at the Kindle store. For this voracious reader, that's found treasure!

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