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Friday, February 18, 2011

Robert Is Here - Homestead, FL

There was lots more to the Robert Is Here Fruit Stand than I posted yesterday. Inside the stand is also a place that serves up some fantastic milk shakes. The shakes are made with many of the varieties of fruit available.

For the kids--of all ages--behind the fruit stand is a large display of animals starting with some macaws that greet you as you walk out the back door of the stand. But before you leave the stand to see the birds and farm animals, buy a bag of feed corn for $3 and you will be loved by every animal on the farm.
Most of the animals are regular farm animals but there are several ostrich and some turtles wandering among the goats, donkies, geese, chickens, and turkeys. There's also a small pond with some koi.

We were fascinated by the turkeys who were strutting their stuff apparently enjoying the fact that Thanksgiving was behind them and November not yet on the horizon.
All in all, Robert Is Here is a great place to stop off, learn about exotic fruits, enjoy some great produce and milk shakes and, oh yes, our son's favorite, boiled peanuts.

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