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Friday, October 28, 2011

Books for the Road - The 1st To Die

The 1st To Die is the first in a series of books featuring the Women's Murder Club. Lindsay Boxer is a homicide detective in the San Francisco police department who pulls together three other women, a DA, a forensic medical examiner, and a reporter to form a group who brainstorm and investigate a killer who is murdering newly wed couples. Lindsay is also dealing with her own mortality as she has been diagnosed with a possibly fatal disease. Add to that the complication of falling for her new partner assigned for this case and you have quite a complicated emotional plot line.

James Patterson takes you on the emotional journey with Lindsay right up to the very end with a twist I didn't expect. I enjoyed the characters and will probably try out the second in the series to see if they are just as strong and the story just as exciting.

I do believe this is one of the books that James Patterson actually wrote himself. So many now are written under his tutelage by other authors. It's a good read for the road.

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