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Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's St. Patrick's Day!!

It's St. Patrick's Day! And it's my birthday! And the weather has been nicer than I remember it ever being in my ** years. Did you think I would tell my age? Actually too many of you probably know. But I digress--at my age that's allowed.

Last week was the St. Paddy's Day parade in Dublin, OH. It was such a beautiful day, we couldn't resist. Word was they had the parade in Dublin a week early so it wouldn't compete with the parade in downtown Columbus. It worked well for them. The parade was huge as was the crowd that lined the route.

Balloons, horses, bands, fire trucks, politicians, dance groups, and all sorts of businesses were represented and almost all appropriately wearin' the green or at least trimmed in it.

Several of the units really impressed us. There were a lot of Irish dance groups with girls sporting those extremely curly wigs that bounce as they jig. The picture I've included was of a group that was really doing a high kick. Can't imagine how they made it like that all the way.

One fellow who didn't was a bulldog all decked out in Irish gear. His little legs just got tired and he laid down right in front of us. His owner picked him up and they climbed in a small car that was accompanying them.

Notice the picture of the guy in the kilt? He's got glittery shamrocks on his legs and yes, those are sparkly green heels adorning his feet. But a little later someone else gave him a little competition--a pony with glittery gold hoofs.

One of the bands was really showing off. I admired their agility. Then there was a cute group of future OSU drum majors--a baton unit, surprisingly the only one.

Inflated leprechauns, Sparky the dog, and several St. Patricks also made their way down the green stiped street.

The best handout along the way, and one that I've never seen done before, was a little sample of ice cream from a special boutique ice cream company. Nicely done on a day when ice cream was a welcome treat.

It's a great parade even if the weather doesn't cooperate like it has this year and Dublin does St. Patrick's Day well! Have a great day and don't forget a little wearin' of the green helps to celebrate!

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