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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busy Places Those North Poles!

Yes, Virginia, there is more than one North Pole. In the United States there are actually four places with the name North Pole.

The most unlikely place is North Pole City, Oklahoma, which is actually located within the Oklahoma City area. After researching, I think it is mainly an area that thrives on Christmas revenues during the season.

The next two are a little more believable as North Poles since they are located a bit farther north and  might even generate the snow to make them more believable. In Idaho, just a little north of Coeur D'Alene. There is a Christmas cruise you can take on the lake there to visit the North Pole. I guess it must be something like the Polar Express but on the water.

North Pole, New York, is located near Lake Placid. Again, an area that is prone to snow. The Olympics were held near there. Its claim to fame as far as I can tell is a historic amusement park called Santa's Workshop. I found mixed reviews on it.

But the town I like best is nearest the real North Pole. It's North Pole, Alaska. Now we're talking snow. The Christmas season is busiest for the post office there that puts its postal stamp on letters sent to them for that purpose. There's an opportunity to get a letter from Santa sent to you from the Santa Claus House. The history of North Pole, Alaska, is recounted at the North Pole website and is quite interesting.

I'm sure there are several more North Poles tucked away that I haven't found yet and some that appear and disappear as the Christmas season grows and wanes each year. But that's the magic of the season and the legend of Santa.

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