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Monday, December 31, 2012

Chill N7

It’s always a joy to find something new as we travel and this time we found it near Cutler Bay, Florida, thanks to our son and his wife. They took us out for ice cream but not just any ordinary ice cream. This ice cream was made with a unique technique that sets it apart from anything else I have ever tasted.

The ice cream shop looks like any other small novelty shop but the minute you peruse the menu of taste choices on the wall you know something is different. Each choice is listed with a symbol that resembles the periodic chart of elements. From the list we chose Nutella and added M&Ms to the mix.

Our server poured a measured amount of cream mix into a stainless steel bowl, added the flavors and used a mixer to begin mixing it. The real magic happened when liquid nitrogen was added and amid a vapored cloud of cold, our mixture became ice cream—the creamiest ice cream I have ever tasted.

They say the nitrogen freezes the cream so quickly that there is no chance for ice crystals to form and thus the creamy texture is maintained. As far as we could determine, this is the first and only shop so far but if word of mouth works, can franchises be far behind?

If you are in the Miami area, check it out. The address is 8271 SW 124 St. For now their website only shows the hours open and several pictures of the process. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter as well.  
Move over Coldstone, Honey Hut, Handels and any other ice cream shop you’ve seen. Chill N7 is going to come to towns all over. It can’t miss.

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