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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Travel Gift Registry for the Wedding

So what would you rather have for a wedding gift a can opener or a trip to Cancun? Towels or time in Tahiti? Brides and grooms are taking a new route when it comes to gift registries. They're opting for gifts that will help them take a memorable honeymoon.

There are several online sites where you can plan and register your dream honeymoon trip and friends and family can contribute pieces of it. Some of the sites charge a small percentage to cover their credit card fees and the setup of your travel web page. There are also extras to choose from as well including e-vites. Some sites are free and supported by advertising or may pass along your information to other advertisers so be aware that, as my hubby says, nothing in life is free.

Traveler's Joy, one of the larger sites, allows you to see what others have planned. For example, Brandi and Adam Balding who were married in February 2010 planned their honeymoon for Maui. Their web page has pictures of their engagement and a little story of why they chose Maui. The cost of the honeymoon is broken down into mostly $25-50 increments. For example you can buy a $30 portion of their airfare. Breakfast in bed went for $20. They included other activities like deep sea fishing, snorkeling, and a romantic dinner in historic Lahaina. Obviously family and friends nixed the skydiving. 

The prices of gifts are a little higher in the sample registry at Honeymoon Wishes. But again, it is the same principle. Higher ticket items are broken up into increments.

The Big Day is more than just a registry. They are a wedding planning site offering all sorts of services from choosing your wedding dress to cakes and hairstyles and specialty ceremonies.

Another site, The Honeymoon, is another planning site and registry dedicated to the honeymoon. It offers lots of ideas of places to go and things to do. Their sample page also has everything broken down into increments.

One of the larger free sites is HoneyFund which was founded by a couple who claim they started it because of all the high fees on the other registries. When you are setting up your page here, you will be given some options and there could still be a fee, albeit a much smaller one, involved depending upon your choices.

A novel idea for a new generation! Can openers wear out. Towels need replacing. Memories last forever.

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