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Friday, September 13, 2013

Glacier Walking--Or Is It Floating?

One of the most memorable excursions taken during our second Alaskan trip was a helicopter ride to a glacier. Okay, now here is where I have to admit that I chickened out. I have no fear of flying. I have a great fear of helicopters. So I passed on the opportunity but Bob and his mother shared the great experience.

They flew over some beautiful countryside and observed several glaciers from the air. Then the helicopter pilot, a female younger than our children, landed on one of the glaciers and the passengers were able to explore the surface on foot.

We had gotten close to a glacier on our way to the ship. The Worthington Glacier was on our bus route during our pre cruise land tour and we had stopped there to walk right up to it and touch it. But this was so much better--as I was told over and over. I'm sure it was and my favorite picture was taken of Bob and his mother by the helicopter pilot. They look like they are walking on water. Oh wait! They were. Frozen water.

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