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Sunday, September 29, 2013

There's Power In The Crosswalk

On our first trip to Bermuda I was amazed at the response to stepping into the crosswalk when you wanted to get to the other side of the street. The cars immediately stopped. That doesn't always happen here at home--at least not in a crosswalk where there is no traffic light.

Recently I started a new routine, an hour long walk in the morning to try to accomplish several things: lose weight, get more physical stamina, and spend some time in prayer. To make the walk long enough to stretch to an hour, I need to walk somewhere other than our
development and that puts me on a busy street. When I walk south, I'm forced to cross to the other side because the sidewalk ends on my side just before entering another community. Thankfully, there is a traffic light and a crossing signal.

It occurred to me one morning as I pushed the button and stood to wait for the traffic to stop what power I had. With a push of the button I had the power to stop traffic. There have been times I've seen others cross the street without using a crosswalk. Like Frogger, they dodge the traffic. Stopping on the median strip to wait for a break to run to the other side again.

Life is difficult. Why make it more so by not staying in the crosswalk? Or the Cross walk--the walk of faith that helps us through, around, and across the busy highway of life. There's power in the Cross walk.

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