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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Morning Worship - The Left Hand

Most of my friends and family as well as many of my readers, I'm sure, are tired of hearing about my broken wrist so just one more mention here and I'm done--maybe. Playing tennis while we were in Florida, I fell backwards and immediately put out my left hand to cushion my fall. While I may have saved my head from cracking on the court, my wrist took the brunt of the fall. I thought (and desperately hoped) it was only a sprain but a few weeks later when it wasn't healing as it should, I saw my doctor and x-rays confirmed it as a fracture.

I'm right handed so everything I do depends upon that hand but I have found lately that my left hand has been doing a lot that I didn't realize was important. It's a holder of things. It's a balancer. It steadies the vegetables I need to cut and grasps jars and bottles for opening. It's a partner to my right hand when I'm getting dressed. Ever try to fasten a bra or tie a shoe with one hand?

If I may draw an analogy: I depend upon Jesus for my strength, my encouragement, the power to get through a day. He sits at the right hand of the Father but, I wonder, who's on the left? If I think of all the things my left hand does, I am reminded of family and friends who balance me, steady me, hold me, and partner with me as I walk this life's journey. While Jesus is foremost in my life, I love those "lefties" too.

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