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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Morning Worship - The Love Triangle

Bob and I have gotten into the practice of eating out on Saturdays when we are home. We have a favorite place that makes a great breakfast that isn't more than we can eat and for a terrific price. Not fancy but it is a gathering place for many on Saturday mornings. Several times we have overheard wonderful conversations that indicate some are gathering for Bible study or at least discussion. Yesterday was no exception.

Two men sat behind me and I caught snatches of conversation. It was about marriage but from a godly perspective. The word sin came up often in the discussion of marital problems that arise--in the sense that you need to look at yourself first before your spouse. It made me think about the premarital counseling our pastor did with us before we tied the knot almost 46 years ago.

Pastor Fish was a wise man and as I look back on it now I can say, even in his youth. (When you're young and starting out everyone else seems so much older.) He asked us if we wanted to get involved in a love triangle. I'm sure I blushed. Love triangle? Those are the things that get people into trouble in romance novels, I thought. But as he explained, I began to get a whole new look at what a love triangle could be.

The pastor explained that to keep a marriage solid and working there had to be an equilateral love triangle with God at the top and Bob and I starting out at the bottom angles. If we both kept the goal of getting closer to God in mind--moving up our side of the triangle, we would continue to get closer to each other as well. If not, the triangle would get out of shape and we would have problems.

I've thought back often to that love triangle. It's worked well in theory and in practice. Love triangles. They're not just for romance novels.

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