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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Couch Surfing, It's Not Just For TV Watchers

There are several alternatives to a hotel and/or a bed and breakfast when you travel according to an article I found at Smart Traveler.com. Most of them are out of my comfort zone but are interesting. Take for instance "couch surfing." Now when I saw that I thought it involved watching TV with a remote in your hand. Nope. It is arranging to stay in a host's home on their couch or in their guest room. While this may be a good way to get to know the locals it's way too adventurous for me.

Some of the other suggestions involve renting a vacation home which we have done. Those are usually homes or condos that are specifically designated as rentals for income for the property owners. That's not a bad way to go. They are stocked with dishes and pans, come with linens most often and offer privacy. VRBO or Dwellable is a good place to search for them.

A unique idea is to rent a dorm room during the summer break. I had no idea that was a possibility. I've stayed in dorm rooms on occasion for a writers conference but didn't know that some colleges actually let you rent them for a week or so. Of course you may not have cooking facilities and in some cases, a private bathroom, and would probably have to supply your own linens but the price might be right. Check out the listings at University Rooms. com. Beware. It may bring back memories of those college days.

A few more ideas are listed in the article at Smart Traveler.com: hostels, home exchanges, night swapping, and camping. Check out the link if you want to
learn more.

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