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Friday, July 18, 2014

World Cruise - Guest Lecturers

One of the reasons for choosing the Crystal Cruise Line for our 108 days cruise was knowing they would have an excellent lineup of guest lecturers. They have begun to post the names of those on most of the earlier segments of the cruise. (The World Cruise is made up of six segments so some passengers are only there for a segment or two.) So besides being able to take knitting classes, bridge lessons, computer lessons, learn how to make movies on the iPad, art lessons, there are also lecture series to choose from as well. Here's a little peek at what we can expect.

Lectures on World Affairs by Owen Ullmann (senior correspondent at USA Today), Michael Nicholson (a British war correspondent), Robin Oakley (European political editor at CNN)

Historians: Dr. Jay Wolff (a commentator on the History Channel and faculty member at FGCU), Bill Miller (maritime historian-we've heard him before),

Special Interest/Celebrity: Clint Van Zandt (former FBI negotiator who dealt with cult leader David Koresh), Neil Leifer (photographer for LIFE, Time, Sport Illustrated), Dr. Thomas Jones (astronaut and astronomer), Howard Fineman (MSNBC and NBC news), Senator Bob Graham (former senator and governor of Florida).

That's just a taste of what is in store. I haven't listed everyone and the last two segments haven't been published yet. There are several books now after all this research that will go on my to-read list. This is definitely going to be a places-to-go-people-to-see-things-to-do cruise!

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