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Thursday, November 13, 2014

World Cruise - Stocking Up

In 108 days how many razor blades will Bob need? How much deodorant will we use? Toothpaste? Contact lens solution? The list goes on. We have been stocking up on the things that we feel we just can't do without or don't wish to use from what is supplied by the cruise ship.

For example, yes, the ship provides shampoo and body lotion but for three and a half months. I think I want to use my own and be sure my hair will be manageable and my skin won't rebel like it once did on a cruise.

Of course their are lots more important things to stock up on and we have juggled our prescription orders to be sure we will take enough of our medications along. I doubt there's a pharmacy that can fill them in Madagascar.

The whole exercise has made us conscious of how much product we use and when you buy it all at once (we want to go with full bottles), the bill is stunning. Thank goodness for CVS coupons for 20% off we received when we got our flu shots.

Our cruise line, Crystal, provides a luggage service that will allow us to ship our suitcases a few weeks before the cruise so all of this stuff will not have to be schlepped on an airplane. I'm glad because already we are filling up a suitcase.


Bob said...

We had some of these concerns when we did a world cruise in 2009. We were gone 120 days. Turns out that many parts of the world offer products that we are familiar with, such as personal care.

On another cruise, we had the luggage shipping, and it was wonderful! We could move a great deal of "stuff" without worrying about airline weight limits, etc.

Yes, shots were a big deal for us on a South America cruise, primarily because of Brazil. Had our yellow fever shots, some of the most expensive shots ever.

Oh yes, visas were a big hassle, especially Brazil.

Regardless of barriers put up, should be the experience of a lifetime. Have a great cruise!

Wandering Writer said...

Thank you for your insights, Bob. We are not going to panic if we've forgotten something or don't have enough of something. Our Australia stops are about half way and we should be able to get anything we need there.

We do get to have the luggage shipped which will be a big help.

Still not sure about those yellow fever shots though. We're waiting on more information.

Bob said...

In our case, it was a cruise around South America with a run up the Amazon River. That is considered to be a yellow fever area. So, as part of getting the Brazil visas, we had to have the shots. We were told that the shots were needed, not necessarily for Brazil but for the countries we would visit later. We might not be admitted to other countries if we visited the Amazon and did not have the shots. It is a controversial issue, and between the shots and visas, it cost us about $1,000 to enter Brazil.

On the 2009 cruise, the only visas we had to purchase ahead of time were India and China. There is a simple entry visa needed for Australia, but often the cruise line/airline handles it. The rest of the visas (a lot) were handled onboard. Some of them were hilarious, but the countries demand them, and make a lot of money off of the tourists that way.

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