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Friday, November 28, 2014

Will Anyone Read This Post on Black Friday?

I don't often express my opinions strongly on this blog but this time I will. I hate Black Friday. I hate the name. I know, I know. It has to do with retailers being "in the black" instead of "in the red" but it just seems like an ominous name for the day after a nice holiday. I hate the commercialism it represents for the Christmas season. I hate the frenzy it creates.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. A nice day for most people. Time for family. A feast of bountiful food for many. Ah but Black Friday has crept into our day to give thanks. Gobble down the turkey kids! It's time to shop!

Would it really make a difference to retailers if they spread out their sales or adjusted their prices so that there wouldn't have to be just one day or one week for the absolute rock bottom sales? Come to find out, the sales aren't as good as they're advertised to be anyway.

Well I could go on about the commercialism of Christmas, tell stories of gift giving that doesn't have to come from a store, and don't get me started on all those trees that were lit up while the kids were out trick or treating. No, I'm ranting on and there is probably no one reading this. Everyone's gone shopping. Mine's done. If I want a good sale, I'll wait until after Christmas. Those sales don't hold the dire name of Black Friday.

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