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Monday, December 08, 2014

World Cruise - Piranha Fishing ?

Piranha fishing? Are you kidding me? Turns out he wasn't. Bob knows I love to fish but really, for piranha? He went ahead and booked our excursion from Santarem, Brazil, as we travel the Amazon on one leg of our World Cruise.

I've seen piranha in aquariums enough times to know they are nasty looking critters. So I went on my own "excursion" to see what I could find out from others who have gone before. I found one comment on a Cruise Critic forum and then another report from a blogger who added pictures and gave a good description of the excursion.

Apparently along the way you see villages and flora and fauna of the area as well as an interesting phenomenon where two rivers flow together, one brown (the Amazon) and one either blue or green (the Tapajos). Then you reach Maica Lake where you do the fishing.

Both descriptions of the fishing said that the hook was already baited (raw meat) which will make my husband happy. He's a fisherman as long as someone baits the hook and takes the fish off. I'm with him on taking the fish off this time. I don't think I want to handle a fish with teeth like that.

So, if you want to hear how our fishing trip goes, stay tuned right here. It should take place sometime around April 26. I don't think this is a catch, freeze, and send home deal though. No matter. I'm packing extra bandaids though.

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