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Monday, December 01, 2014

Once Upon A Night At The Palace

There are always temptations coming into my mailbox be it email or snail mail. I don't always get a chance to look at them right away so I file them away for those nights when when there's nothing on TV or the days when the weather is nasty and I dream of getting away again. Here's a little something from one of those emails from TripAdvisor. Did you know there are lots of palace hotels in the world where you can spend the night?

Perusing the menu presented by the email from TripAdvisor, I found I could stay in a variety of places in India, Turkey, Austria, Russia, Venice, and several more including Malta which is tempting since we've never been there.

I clicked on them to get some pricing--just for fun. Right? My eyeballs bulged at a couple. The offerings shown in the TripAdvisor post ranged from $218/night to over $1000/night for two nights in June. I might spend around $200 to get treated like a queen for a night but $1000? Naw. That could get me a cruise where I'd get treated pretty much like a queen for a week at least.

Palaces are nice places to visit but I guess at those prices, I'll pass at staying there--at least for now.

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