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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Road Trip!

In light of our upcoming road trip out west, an article by Wendy Perrin of Tripadvisor caught my eye: How To Make Your Great American Road Trip Even Greater. I agree with her on most of her points.

The first was to get lost. That's hard to do nowadays with a GPS in the car but I think her point was more to get off the highways and explore. When my mother first learned to drive, there were no GPS gadgets to tell you to turn right or left in one hundred feet. While we didn't venture far, she loved to put us in the car and "get lost." I remember her mumbling one day that if we didn't find our way back to familiar territory we'd end up at 1,000 Islands. Little did I know there really was such a place. One thing we did gain was an appreciation for the countryside and the little places to stop for a treat along the way.

And I so agree with her about setting aside the devices and making the trip time to connect. Adults as well as children should be limited to a set time for using electronics.

I like finding those gems along the way that are tourist traps. The largest, biggest, most amazing, etc., are funky stops and provide a little humor along the way. What? I missed the World's Largest Pistachio in Alamagordo, New Mexico!

For more of her tips, check out the article. 

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