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Monday, August 03, 2015

Staying Cool

 My birthday came around while we were on our World Cruise and my table mates had a little celebration for me. I had already ordered chocolate cake with chocolate icing and kept my fingers crossed that it would be real cake not chocolate mousse. It was and tasted great.

I was surprised though when our new friends came up unexpectedly with several gifts, one of which was a cool headband. I wasn't quite sure I would use it but once I got home, it came in pretty handy.

The band is paperlike but when wet becomes soft and pliable. You wet it and wrap it around your head to stay cool while you exercise or work out in the heat. The day the temps climbed uncomfortably high for working in the yard, I tried it out.

I don't like things around my head but I wet it down and wrapped it around my neck letting the length extend into the neckline of my shirt. It was amazing. I had to rewet it once but it kept me working much longer than I would have otherwise.

Recently Smarter Travel.com had an article about clothes that keep you cool when traveling. There was a similar towel mentioned and several items of clothing, including a hat with a built-in fan. Sometimes I feel a little behind the times. Who knew?

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