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Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Walk In The Park. . .er, Zoo.

Please don't groan. Yes, it's another zoo post. Bob and I like to walk and one of our favorite places is the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We spent a morning last week walking around and since the weather was a little cooler, saw some new-to-us animal actions.

The wallabys were hopping around. The bears were all out and moving around. One grizzly went over to the other and batted at him until he woke up.

The new giraffe encounter was interesting and crowded. There were lots of people in line wanting to feed them. You don't have to feed them to get out on the observation platform but you do stand in line so that the platform is not overcrowded. The giraffes get right up to the railing. Only one seemed hungry enough but he was certainly getting his fill of lettuce leaves.

Cool weather also gets the wolves up and moving. One was circling the pond near the observation shelter and another was right up against the window. It's the first time I've gotten a real close shot of one. My camera was home but my iPhone did a great job. So that's probably the reason for this post. I wanted to show off my wolf picture.

Okay, now you can groan.

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