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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Iceland - What's For Dinner?

Excitement over our trip to Iceland is growing. We've already laid out our road trip and stops and Bob has made all our overnight reservations because I don't go unless I know I have a place to lay my head at night. The one thing I haven't looked into yet is the food.

Our previous visit to Reykjavik and Heimaey (a small island off the coast) was during a cruise so we didn't get an opportunity to explore the restaurants and taste the cuisine. A little surfing on the net brought up some interesting items that are popular in Iceland. Some sound like a definite gotta-try. Others, not so much.

Lamb appears to be the meat of choice but it is prepared in different ways from boiled (I'm assuming like stew) to smoked. The smoked lamb sounds good but the one that won't be on my plate is the sheep head. According to one article it is singed to remove all the hair and then boiled. The eyeballs were said to be the tastiest. A couple of my boys might try that but I'll pass.

I'm not surprised that fish would be plentiful given that Iceland is in the middle of an ocean. Fish, too, is prepared by boiling and smoking but also by salting and drying (fish jerky).

Apparently Iceland is known for lots of varieties of cheese. One called Skyr is called a yogurt but actually isn't. Instead it is soft cheese made of gelatinous milk curds. Served with milk, sugar and blueberries it is said to taste pretty good. We'll see.

One of the articles I read said that there is a special hot dog that is made from lamb giving it a different kind of taste (I'm sure). The way to eat it is with all the works, ketchup, brown mustard, raw and fried onions and remoulade (made from mayonnaise and relish).

Most fruits need to be imported but there are lots of root vegetable like potatoes, rutabaga, beets and carrots. Cabbage and rhubarb are also grown there.

Of course breakfast is my favorite meal and it should be interesting. since we are staying in B&Bs along the way. I couldn't find a lot about breakfast but what I did included jam, breads, sliced meats, cheese and oatmeal. Will the coffee be strong? Esspresso? Will I switch to tea for ten days? As always, stay tuned. I'll be posting as we go provided we can find internet with our food.

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