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Friday, January 06, 2017

So What's New in Key Largo?

Not a whole lot was obvious to us as we drove into Key Largo on our way to the Rock Harbor Club where we rent a condo for the season. As we passed the place where our favorite BBQ stand was set up the year before our hearts fell. There was only an empty space where we had purchased some of the best brisket we have had anywhere. Disheartened, we began making other plans for future dinners.

As we spent the first couple of days getting settled in and buying groceries and a few other items we hadn't brought or couldn't fit into the car that was stuffed to the gills (thank goodness we didn't have a flat tire) we really didn't notice much else that was different. But suddenly as we were driving down Rte 1 from the Publix to our condo, Bob slowed a bit and pointed with a "Yahoo!" There in a different spot, and even closer to us, was the We Be Smokin' trailer. We'd be enjoying brisket by the weekend.

The most obvious change from the past year was the new resort next to the Rock Harbor Club. Last year we had lived through all the truck and construction noise. This year there was only the noise of excited guests as they stood on the newly renovated dock in front of the new Playa Largo and cheered the sunset.

We couldn't resist taking a look at the finished product since we had watched it take shape for a couple of years. It was impressive. Beautiful grounds and a couple of promising places to go for a dinner out.

I'm sure there will be a few new friends to meet but it was nice to see the familiar faces of the other snowbirds we share the complex with. We even managed to find a place for our beloved pickleball. It's down the road a bit but that's okay. We're retired, as Bob says. We have all the time in the world.

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