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Monday, January 02, 2017

It's January 2! What Are You Doing With The Rest Of The Year?

No, I have not made any resolutions. Why do so when I know I won't follow through? Try to lose weight? That's always a given. Exercise more? I'm happy with my routine. I don't smoke so I can't give up smoking and I reuse to give up chocolate. No, resolutions aren't for me but goal setting is. So I'm sharing and hoping you, my readers, will hold me accountable.

First off, I'm going to finish writing Pickle Dilly, the second book in the pickle lady series. If you haven't read the first one, In A Pickle, now is your chance to grab a copy and then the second one will be right behind it for you. To those who have read it, maybe a rereading is in order. I have to do that to remember what and where my characters are coming from and going to.

Next up is revising and revamping a Christmas novel I started years ago and would like to have published by the end of this year--in time for Christmas of course. It's a heartfelt story, some tissues will be needed, but also an uplifting one.

If I get those two items finished this year in the midst of more travel, time with family and friends, and of course time with that man of mine, well, that will be accomplishment enough. Anything extra will be "icing" as they say.

How about you? Any goals for the year?

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