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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Smell Bad When You Travel?

Ever take a really long plane flight? We do that on occasion when we jump one of the puddles (the Atlantic or Pacific). The Pacific is quite a haul for us since we live closer to the east coast of the US than the west. Plane trips over the Pacific puddle are usually 12 to 14 hours. Needless to say by the time you arrive you have that sleepy smell and "morning" breath even if you are arriving in the afternoon or middle of the night. There are some things you can do though that will help you alleviate that smell and others as you travel. No one wants to be rejected for bad breath or body odor.

The most important on the list is hydrate. Drink water. I know. You don't want to have to use one of those airplane restrooms but think of it this way. Not only are you helping to hold back the bad breath you are also helping your circulation if you have to get up and move a bit.

We try to remember to pack a TSA sized toothpaste and toothbrush and make a trip to the restroom before landing. Sometimes the timing is a little difficult and that seat belt sign comes on too soon but there are always restrooms at the airport and a moment or two spent taking care of dental hygiene will perk you up. That and a freshly washed face. If you tuck an extra shirt in your carry-on, you could even feel fresher.

While you travel, the hydration rule is still in place for more reasons than just cutting down on bad breath. It's also better for your health. Some other things to help make you fresher is a change of shoes or two. One pair can air out while you wear the other. Bring along a few dryer sheets and tuck them in the pair you're not wearing.

Take it easy on the cruciferous vegetables. Gotcha on that one, didn't I! Those are mainly the vegetables like cauliflower brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc. that cause--well, no other way to put it, gas. Not only will you be more comfortable, you'll be less likely to offend.

Easy on the alcohol. I know none of my readers would overindulge but just in case you might be tempted to try all those new drinks remember that alcohol tends to cling to your body and cause bad breath as well as body odor. Oh, and don't get me started on cigarette smoke. Bob could always tell when I'd been visiting with one of my parents who were heavy smokers. The smoke in the air always managed to cling to my hair and clothes. A non-smoker picks up on that smell quickly.

So aside from dousing yourself with Febreeze or some other fragrant deodorizer, take a few of these tips to heart and watch those you meet smile instead of frown when you greet them.

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