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Monday, February 20, 2017

Travel Tips From The Movies?

It's happened more than once. We'll be sitting in a movie and I'll get a poke in the side and Bob says, "Been there!" With some movies like a Bond movie that moves from place to place it will happen more than once. Yes, we've been to a lot of places and often revisit them while on a movie date night. But I never thought of learning travel tips from a movie. Maybe I'm too interested in plot and what's going to happen next to look for travel tips but an article on Smarter Travel pointed out some interesting tips I'd never thought of in relation to a movie story.

Some of the movies they used I've not seen but they pointed out that Raiders of the Lost Ark teaches you to learn to improvise because if anything could go wrong it will. I agree. Improvising is good. Being flexible is even better. Keeping expectations under control helps too.

I had to laugh when they used the movie Titanic to emphasis the importance of travel insurance. As we get older and life takes some twists and turns, we do take out insurance on occasion. A lot depends upon where we're going, how big the trip is money-wise, and what's happening back home that might cause travel plans to change.

The Wizard of Oz was said to teach that when you're lost kindness to others goes a long way. I don't need that movie to teach me that. Kindness when you travel should be top on your list rather you are lost or not. When it comes to learning from Dorothy though, I'd rather click my heels and remember that there's no place like home.

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