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Friday, March 03, 2017

Love The Zoo! Any Zoo!

We love visiting a zoo--most any zoo. One of our favorites though is the Miami Zoo. Part of that is because we can do so with our four grandchildren who live in the area. We get them for most of the day and rent a safari cycle to see if we can cover the whole park. This year we needed a six passenger because the kids have grown so much. While it cost more, it was still good because two of them can actually reach the pedals now. Help was much appreciated with the pedaling.

There is a new exhibit called The Everglades that the kids were eager to show us. Their special part is being able to crawl through tubes that go through the middle of a couple of the exhibits. We heard the exciting story of an alligator crawling over the tube as one of them went through. Unfortunately this day there would be no exciting encounters.

A couple of the exhibits were closed for more work on them but it's a nice representation of the Everglades although the real Everglades is a lot more exciting. Needless to say the real thing is a little more buggy as well at some times of the year so the zoo would be a good alternative.

One of the highlights is feeding the birds. Lots of giggles and squeals as birds land on hands, arms and heads.

If you ever need something to do in Miami, try the zoo. You'll get lots of exercise and entertainment especially if you take the kids.

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