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Monday, February 12, 2018

A Dose Of Disney - Animal Kingdom

If you read my blog often you know how much I love zoos. Animal Kingdom is like a big zoo but the main attraction now seems to be the Avatar ride. It's new and its reputation has grown. Early on we began trying to figure out how to fit it into our day but as Touring.com indicated there was never a wait time less than two hours. And Fastpasses--gobbled up long ago.

Still my husband and son would not be denied. So when we got through the gate as the park opened the two hustled off to the Avatar ride. By the time they got there the line wait was already two and a half hours. The rest of us set off for the safari ride which used to be the big ride in AK.

The kids were duly impressed with the safari ride although it was a lot bumpier than I remember. Some of the animals came up really close to the jeep we were in. This ride is very much like the real safari we were on except that the more dangerous animals are in exhibits that have a large "moat" to keep them away from the jeeps full of people although from the jeep you can't tell that anything separates you from those lions sunning themselves.

We enjoyed It's Tough To Be A Bug on a Fastpass. The 3-D is fun as are all the other effects that are tossed in. I think even our 12 y/o was impressed.

Throughout the morning the guys kept us updated on their progress in line. As they got nearer, there was a lot to see of the Pandora landscape--none of which Bob would recognize since he hadn't seen the movie.

I ended up at the petting zoo with two of the kids while the older ones went on the Primeval Whirl. When we were done petting goats (the sheep couldn't be coaxed out into the petting area) we explored the nature center there and got to meet Rafiki.

It was nearing noon and there was a nice quiet area near the Petting Zoo with tables and benches. Since the two Avatar guys were just off the ride, I suggested we all meet there for lunch. It took a while to gather together but it was a nice lunch and everyone really enjoyed the Subways.

We mostly explored Dinoland, played in the playground area, dug for bones, and rode the Primeval Whirl once or twice again as well as the Triceratop Spin (a lot like the Dumbo ride). We had a Fastpass for the Dinosaur ride and four people got to ride twice since Bob had gotten the eight passes and not everyone could go.

Dinner was at the Rainforest Restaurant which is really not in the park but just outside it. You have to be sure you have your passes with you to reenter although there is no security to go through a second time. I think we all enjoyed our meals. I know I enjoyed my fish and chips. The kids loved seeing it storm inside a few times and watched the animals come alive.

After dinner Bob had Fastpasses for Expedition Everest. During dinner our 12 y/o grandson explained in detail, twice,  every twist and turn and backwards movement. He'd experienced the whole ride over and over on YouTube. He still didn't convince me. The ones who didn't ride a second time came with me and we found seats for the Rivers of Light show.

It was a little difficult for them to find us but they did and we were all together as the program started. I think we all enjoyed it as much as we had the Epcot fireworks even though there were no fireworks. Fountains of colorful water danced from large floating lotus flowers and several lighted floats that were animals weaved between them. The music was soothing and beautiful and the tower of flames toward the end added a little more excitement.

As we filed out, Bob was reminded that he'd promised ice cream bars since we didn't want to fill up on desserts before the roller coaster ride on Everest. We got the bars and began a leisurely walk toward the entrance of the park and our car. Mom and Dad decided to take the kids into one of the souvenir shops and let them pick out a souvenir. They were ecstatic! It was a big decision and took a while but Bob and I sat outside and enjoyed the night, the gentle breeze and reminisced about the day.

Oh, the Avatar ride? He said he wouldn't wait three hours again to ride it but it was interesting.

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