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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

A Dose Of Disney - The Magic Kingdom

Backpacks full of sandwiches, snacks, and small water bottles, we made it out to the van and onto the road only a few minutes past our planned time of departure. We didn't want to be too late this first day in case there was any problem in getting our tickets validated.

The kids could hardly contain themselves as we drove to Disney World and when they caught the first glimpse of the huge welcome-to-Disney signs they went crazy with excitement.

We were able to park close enough to the transportation center to walk and then get our tickets validated. The plastic cards from AAA were replaced with Disney cards. The process didn't take nearly as long as going through the security check for our bags. Security is not only looking for weapons, they are also on the lookout for selfie sticks which are banned. There is a list of things that are not allowed into the park on the Disney website.

Next step was to catch a ride from the transportation area to the Magic Kingdom theme park. There are two favorite choices--the ferry or the monorail. We chose the monorail and reminisced about the ride our kids took when they were young.

Once at the Magic Kingdom entrance we used our "magic" cards to enter. Disney still uses a fingerprint validation along with the card. We warned the kids to try to remember which finger they used. The system works a lot better than it used to. We planned our first day for the Magic Kingdom because it is iconic Disney and the place the kids first think of when you mention Disney World. It was a good choice.

While the rides didn't begin until nine, we were still able to enter around 8:30 and begin our plan for the day. It didn't take long though for us to change it up. You can't let a three year old pass up one of the rides she most wants to do. While the rest of the group went on to the Seven Dwarfs ride, I rode Dumbo with her.

The day went pretty smoothly and I believe we rode all of the rides that were priorities. We missed a few favorites of ours because lines were just too long and there was not enough time in the day. The afternoon parade was still a great break in the day but it was disappointing to know that there was no evening light parade.

A highlight (other than watching the 3 y/o grin ear to ear on the Carousel) was our dinner at the Liberty Tavern. It is one price per person and a set menu. The meal is served family style and there was more than enough to go around, including dessert. We were out of the chaos of the people traffic in the park and didn't feel rushed to finish.

The evening was capped with the fireworks show at the castle. The fireworks were good but I thought projecting the characters and videos on the castle was a bit unimaginative--and, well, ugly. Tinkerbelle still slides down the wire through the center of the main street area and as she does the trees light up as if she's spread fairy dust. Now that was magical.

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