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Monday, April 09, 2018

Surviving Travel With Kids

Yes, I can remember the days long, long ago when I could get my mother riled and my brother in trouble by pretending that he was pinching me. Not that he didn't do things to irritate me. I did dodge a few toy trucks thrown my way but it was so much fun to get him in trouble and what better place than in the car headed to the north woods of Canada. While I'm sure the long drive was difficult, the reward was great.

Today I think of my son and his wife who pack four kids into a van and travel over a thousand miles in one direction or the other to visit grandparents. My daughter in law is very creative in providing lots of activities and usually they rent a van that has video capability (something we never had when we were growing up or when we had kids). The kids often arrive with all sorts of drawings and craft projects for Grandma and Grandpa and of course movie reviews.

My husband and his brother always used to joke about renting a camper for the kids and towing it behind the car while we adults sat in the car and enjoyed the scenery on a trip out west. It never happened thank goodness.

I ran across a cute article that actually has some good points about traveling with kids and may give you some ideas of what do do with the kids the next time you all travel together. It's titled Fighting Siblings: 5 Ways To Make Your Kids Get Along On Vacation. Check it out. It may just help keep your sanity.

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