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Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Costa Rica - Animal Rescue

One morning we spent a few hours at a the Rescate Animal Zooave  Wildlife Conservation Park about 40 minutes away from San Jose. The 36 acre park was at one time a private zoo but was acquired by new owners and turned into a project of rescue and rehabilitation for many animals.

The weather was lovely and the walkways were easy to navigate. Many of the enclosures were blended in with the landscaping and seemed like a natural habitat.

Lots of colorful birds, some furry creatures as well as a steely looking crocodile were among the animals we saw.

One of the neatest rehab projects was for a toucan that had somehow lost half of its top beak. He was kind of the star of the park as someone had designed a prosthetic beak for him. He didn't have it on when we saw him so I'm not sure when he wears it. Maybe some of you with a little more Spanish than I have can figure it out from the pictures I took.

I love zoos but then if you are a reader of my blog, you know that.

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