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Monday, July 30, 2018

Lanterns And Leopards, Oh My!

The Asian Highlands exhibit at our Cleveland Metroparks Zoo opened just before I was to have my surgery. With all the busyness at the time, we didn't get a chance to visit then. But as luck would have it, that worked out well because three little snow leopard cubs were yet to be on display. This past week, they were presented to the public. Needless to say the cuteness meter was on high.

I was still having trouble walking far but wanted to stretch as much as I could. We started out by taking the tram to the wilderness stop and walking up past the tigers to the Asian Highlands. The exhibits are still being finished up but it is quite nice. Two adult snow leopards were snoozing in the refreshing summer day. One was tucked back into a nook and the other was stretched out on a walkway that crosses over the pedestrian path. A great lookout spot where you could snooze and then raise an eyelid every so often to see what was going on.

The three cubs though were frisky and fun and we stood as long as I could and watched them play. I haven't heard if they will all stay or be exchanged with another zoo. It will be fun to keep an eye on their progress for as long as we can.

Along with the opening of the Asian Highlands, an Asian Lantern Display is set up from July 19 to August 19. The lantern displays are huge and impressive during the day. I can only imagine how magical they are in the evening. There is also a special craft fair and entertainment with the special evening ticket that you can purchase. It's very tempting but I may have to rent one of those scooters. Don't know that I'm strong enough just yet to walk the whole way.

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