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Friday, December 21, 2018

Books For The Road--Gray Mountain by John Grisham

An audio book always helps to pass the time on the drive down to Florida from home. I picked Gray Mountain by John Grisham but as it started I had the feeling I had already read it. I think perhaps I read a similar book with the theme of a lawyer who is forced to work in a nonprofit legal aid organization or else I just didn't log it in my list of books read. Yes, I keep a list. When you read 40-50 books a year you lose track of those you've read--at least at my age you do.

Gray Mountain turned out to be a great book to listen to together and we made comments to each other as the story unfolded. It kept our interest and kept us entertained as we logged the miles south through a lot of rain and fog but thankfully, no snow.

The story is of a lawyer, Samantha Kofer, who is up and coming in her large law firm that deals with real estate in New York City. It's hectic and leaves little time for a personal life. The good life all comes to a quick end when she is laid off because of the banking crisis. She's promised a good position when her "furlough" is up but only if she works for a nonprofit for twelve months while off the job--and for free.

She finds herself in the little town of Brady, Virginia, in the Appalachian Mountains with clients who are in desperate need of her help as a lawyer. The question I leave you with is: will she run back to New York and try another job or will she stick it out, feeling needed and important in the lives of her clients? You probably guess but read the book. It is full of danger and intrigue and will keep you turning pages, plugging in or scrolling through, however you indulge in the reading of it.

Being an audio book, this was truly a book for the road.

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