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Friday, December 14, 2018

Books For The Road--About My Mother. . .by Peggy Rowe

Remember the Dirty Jobs guy? Mike Rowe? Well, his mom has written a memoir--about her mother and their relationship. The last half of the title is: True Stories of a Horse-Crazy Daughter and her Baseball Obsessed Mother. Now I got this book as a gift from my son and his family. Apparently he was familiar with a blog either Peggy Rowe publishes or contributes to. He said he thought she had a great sense of humor. I looked at the title and wondered if the "baseball obsessed" part his a familiar chord with him. I wouldn't say I was obsessed but I do love baseball.

The book was easy to get into and even easier to keep on reading. Rowe has a humorous and comfortable approach to her storytelling and brings the reader right into her stories. It didn't hurt any that she was writing about a time that was just a few years behind the years when I grew up. I could relate.

The stories follow a timeline and take you through her younger years and into her adult years all the while illustrating her maturing relationship with her mother. Who hasn't cringed the first time Mom came to dinner? Add to that stress setting the chimney on fire and not allowing enough time for the roast to cook. The stories go on and the chuckles continue. It's an uplifting journey through a mother/daughter relationship spanning a few decades.

Great book for a light read and lots of smiles. So glad my son picked it out--no matter what the reason.

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