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Friday, December 28, 2018

The Lure Of A World Cruise

Like the proverbial dangling carrot cruise lines continue to put together and advertise their world cruises by email. Every cruise line that I can think of offers world cruises although some are just extended cruises that only cover one area of the world. Few are truly around the world like the one we took in 2015.

While the idea of another world cruise has been bounced around at the dinner table several times, the cost, the time, and the chance of losing our option on our winter Florida condo rental usually stop us. The temptation is still there and every so often we explore what's available. It is too late for 2019 (world cruises usually take place in January through May) and in many cases too late to book for 2020. Still, it never hurts to "window shop", right?

Oceania, the cruise line we took to Cuba, is offering a 180 day cruise in 2020 from Miami to San Francisco--almost completely around the world. While I love cruising, I wonder if I would be okay with six months on a ship.

Crystal, the cruise line we used for our first world cruise, is probably already booked for 2020 so I looked up their 2021 cruise. It too starts in Miami but ends in London, again not a complete circuit but close. It is 138 days--thirty more days than our 2015 cruise.

I found a 2020 Holland America world cruise, round trip from Fort Lauderdale that takes in Antarctica as well, but I could only find it through an agency, the Cruise Specialists, that was advertising it. The ship, MS Amsterdam, has cruises listed on the Holland America site but the 128 day cruise is not. There is however, a 128 day gap int the itineraries for that ship. So, I'm not sure if the agency booked the whole ship and is selling passages or what? Something new to explore.

Princess Cruise Lines has a 111 day cruise that is round trip Fort Lauderdale and another that goes from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale.

I had difficulty finding world cruises for Celebrity Cruise lines and there are several other cruise lines offering world cruises that we have never sailed with. I would want to try those out before I signed up for a hundred days or so on one of their ships. If it is all too much to contemplate but it is still tempting to you, find a travel agency and let them do the research. Meanwhile, we'll be counting our pennies and swiping at that dangling carrot a couple of times. 

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