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Friday, April 19, 2019

Visiting Jerusalem

Yes, we've been around the world. Yes, there are fewer places that we haven't been but one of those places is Jerusalem. One of the reasons is that we have seen what tourism has done to so many other places that we really didn't want to see the place that is so fundamental to our faith with a frenzy of tourists and those who are hawking souvenirs.

The other thing that makes me wary is being shown places that are said to be the legitimate place where a significant event in Jesus' life happened and wondering if it truly is. Are they sure this is the route He walked? Are they sure this is actually where the site of His crucifixion was? His sepulcher? Etc. I'm such a skeptic.

Many friends have gone on Holy Land tours and been impressed and inspired. It does make me curious.and now I guess we will be finding out first hand. We have signed on for another World Cruise in 2022. This cruise will take us around the world again albeit on a little different route. That route will take us up the Suez Canal and includes a stop in Ashdod, Israel, which gives us a gateway to Jerusalem.

We will be there long enough for a fairly good visit to Jerusalem and look forward to seeing for ourselves what others before us have.

On this Good Friday, I can't help but wonder what it will be like.

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