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Monday, June 10, 2019

Sleeping Underwater

We love to dive. Put on the gear, jump in the water, spend thirty to fifty minutes exploring and enjoying the marine life, then pop to the surface and live to dive another day. There are other ways though to enjoy underwater sea life including submarine rides for tourists, snorkeling, and of course for those who want to stay above sea level, aquariums.

But would you ever in you wildest imagination consider sleeping in a room underwater? I came across an unusual resort that has an underwater bedroom. It's called the Manta Resort and is in Zanzibar. Out in the middle of a bay, a fancy houseboat of sorts is anchored. The roof is a sundeck and the living area is at sea level but the bedroom is straight down a built in ladder to an underwater room.

The sides of the room of course are all acrylic so you can observe the sea life around you. You can turn on small lights at night to attract and see some of the night critters like octopus. Turning the lights off though apparently gives you a view of the bio-luminescent creatures, which if you watch the video, might just keep you up all night with flashes of light.

Me, I'd be up all night worried that a good wind and a rough sea would break the anchor lines and we'd float off to the middle of the ocean. Bob--he'd be up all night wondering how we were going to pay for a room that costs $1500 USD/night. Guess we'll pass on this one.

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